All prices listed on are cash-discounted prices. Please review the list below to see which payment types are eligible for the discount.

Payment methods accepted by are

Checks and Money Orders should be mailed to:

MDRF Enterprises

6414A Hampton Ave

Suite #11

Saint Louis, MO 63109

Please verify that your name and order number is included on your payment so that we quickly credit your order. 
Local pickups pay 8.491% sales tax. Local pickups also must complete a NICS background check and receive a proceed response prior to taking possession of a firearm. Purchases shipped within MO are subject to the shipping charge and 8.491% sales tax.



We invest time and money to prepare every order that is placed on our site, even before the order ships. After you have placed your order online, or over the phone with a sales associate you will be charged 10% Cancellation/Change fee if you decide to cancel the order or substitute products. You will not be charged any additional fee for adding items to an existing order. By placing an order online or making a phone order with a sales associate you agree to pay this 10% Cancellation/Change fee should you cancel or change your order. Our business is not set up to change orders easily. We apologize for having to implement these changes, but it is necessary in order to keep our prices low for our customers.

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